Colossive Cartographies

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A little while ago I came up with an idea for a collaborative project. I’d been tinkering about with bits of paper, and one of the things I made was a Turkish Map Fold. It’s an A4 sheet that folds up into an A6 cover and then pops open. Here are some photos of my prototype:

Suddenly my imagination ran away with me, and I thought it’d make a nice little format for something akin to a series of 7-inch singles… (other obvious influences would be mini kuš! and Ley Lines, for a wide range of material within a tactile and hopefully collectible format).

So… I’ve been asking people whose work I very much admire if they’d consider producing something for this series. Essentially it’d be a single A4 page, but how you fill it would be up to you – eg comics, photography, illustration, collage, word art, visual poetry. The ‘map’ concept might lend itself to explorations of place, journeys etc, but it’s entirely your choice. And obviously you retain all copyright. I’ll get them produced in colour on decent stock (and will do the folding and sticking myself).

(We’ve now got the first series of six in the can: these should give you an idea of what people have been doing with the format.)

I’m afraid I can’t offer payment up front. However, I’ve cobbled together a royalty programme of sorts; you’ll get a pound from every issue I sell (either £2 individually or £10 as for each ‘series’ of six), which I’ll send out quarterly. I’ll also send you some copies for your own sales, as well as a subscription for as long as it continues. 

Many thanks for reading this far – I hope you found it interesting. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to be involved:

PS. If you’re a brave soul who actually wanted to incorporate the folds for your layout, let me know and I’ll knock up a template.

PPS. Let me know if you’d like a dummy copy of the format to play with. I’ll gladly stick one in the post.