Colossive Cartographies (TBC)

Hi – thanks for clicking through

I’ve got an idea for a collaborative project. I’ve been tinkering about with bits of paper lately, and one of the things I made was a Turkish Map Fold. It’s an A4 sheet that folds up into an A6 cover and then pops open. Here are some photos of my prototype:

Suddenly my imagination ran away with me, and I though it’d make a nice little format for something akin to a series of 7-inch singles…

So… I’m approaching a few people whose work I very much admire and asking if you’d consider producing something for this series. Essentially it’d be a single A4 page, but how you fill it would be up to you – eg comics, photography, illustration, collage, word art. I’ll get them produced in colour on decent stock (and will do the folding and sticking myself).

I’d like to have a uniform trade dress on the outside to tie them together as a series, a la Ley Lines or Cafe Royal Books. It’d probably use our usual letterpress font and a brief bio and contact details for the collaborator on the back. (I’ll knock up a template presently…) At the moment I’m thinking the series might be called Colossive Cartographies, given the map-fold format, but that might change if I come up with something better.

I’m not anticipating this being a huge money-spinner so I can’t offer anything up front, I’m afraid. However, I’ll be totally transparent and split any sales 50/50 (based on cover price; I’m anticipating them being probably somewhere between £2 and £3). You’ll also get a few copies of your issue for your own sales, as well as a lifetime subscription for everyone else’s as long as it goes on.

Many thanks for reading this far – I hope you found it interesting. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to be involved:

PS. If you’re a brave soul who actually wanted to use the folds for your layout, let me know and I’m sure I can knock up a template

PPS. Let me know if you’d like a dummy copy of the format to play with. I’ll gladly stick one in the post.