All that Remains: Jean-Paul Marsaud exhibition poster



In the late 1980s, underground French film-maker Jean-Paul Marsaud destroyed the only existing prints of his three acclaimed films dérives – Mitte, Proxima and Espacio – and retired from public life.

However, an unexpected encounter at London’s Institut Français in early 2018 led to ‘All That Remains’, an exhibition of production shots from the films (and other related material) staged at the Colossive Gallery in Penge, south-east London.

(A3 two-colour riso print. Unfortunately our print technician at the time, Hjalmar, was pining for the fjords and drinking heavily, so there are a handful of small inky blotches on the print. Sadly, he also took the secret of the paper weight with him when did his midnight flit – complete with the tea money. But it’s quite nice.)

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