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Fractures reviewed on Broken Frontier

Fractures by A Wolfgang Crowe (Colossive Press)

Huge thanks to the peerless Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier for reviewing Book One of Fractures by A Wolfgang Crowe:

“Strong and vitally important work from an artist and project I suspect we will all be hearing about a lot more in the months to come.”

Check out the full review here, and make Broken Frontier your first stop for keeping on top of creative and socially progressive comics work, in the small press and beyond.  

(And you can check out all the coverage we’ve received on BF here.)


2 thoughts on “Fractures reviewed on Broken Frontier

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    1. Hi David – funnily enough, no, that’s not part of our exciting expansion plans for 2024! I’ve changed both of our passwords and backed up the site – hopefully that’ll take care of it… Hope you’re well and had a good Christmas! TTFN – Tom

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