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A Wolfgang Crowe (Fractures) at Gnash Comics/New Lion Brewery Drink & Draw in Totnes, Weds February 15th

Poster for the Drink & Draw Event at the New Lion Brewery, Dartington, Totnes, with guest A Wolfgang Crowe

This is very short notice, but if you’re at a loose end around the creative hotspot of Totnes on Wednesday night, drop into the community-owned New Lion Brewery for some froth-blowing and illustrative japery between 7pm and 9pm.

The amazingly talented A Wolfgang Crowe, creator of Fractures will be the guest artist at the latest drink and draw event put on by local comic shop Gnash Comics.

Three quick rounds of drawing different suggested themes. It doesn’t matter if you a “can’t draw, won’t draw “ or a professional artist or anywhere in between this is fun time to explore different approaches to drawing.

Unleash your inner artist, share ideas, create and drink. All you need to do is get yourselves down to New Lion Brewery for a fun super casual evening . We provide pens and paper.

Have fun!

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