Skyward Roots by Ali Hodgson (Colossive Cartographies 41)


Skyward Roots is a tribute to the life and passions of Catherine M Quayle, a farm-girl-turned-nun from the Isle of Man who made history as one of the chief mathematicians on the intrepid Croydon Spaceport project in the swinging 60s.

BONUS!!! Ali’s Cartography comes with a copy of the classic sticker that adorned many a Vauxhall Viva and Austin Allegro back in the early 1970s

All royalties from sales of this zine go to Art Refuge, a charity that enables art and art therapy with people displaced by conflict, persecution or poverty.

Ali Hodgson: Visual Storyteller.

A4, full colour, folded to A6. Also available as part of a six-issue subscription (Series Seven).

Colossive Cartographies is an attempt to create a print equivalent of a series of seven-inch singles. Using a simple pop-out format based on the Turkish map fold, we’re collaborating with creators including cartoonists, fine artists, poets, writers and photographers to bring an unpredictable range of visual practice into a hand-folded treat.

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