Two Birds in the Bush by C.A.Hiley (Colossive Cartographies 46)


I carved rubber stamps by hand to make the blocks that fit into the areas of the paper created by the folding pattern. The starting point for the text is the saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, taking the literal meaning of a metaphor to its surreal extremes.

C.A.Hiley is an illustrator currently based in Belgium. Coming from a printmaking background, she creates prints, zines and design using shape and visual dynamics combined with quiet observations of the quirky and the surreal.

A4, full colour, folded to A6. Also available as part of a six-issue subscription (Series Eight).

Colossive Cartographies is an attempt to create a print equivalent of a series of seven-inch singles. Using a simple pop-out format based on the Turkish map fold, we’re collaborating with creators including cartoonists, fine artists, poets, writers and photographers to bring an unpredictable range of visual practice into a hand-folded treat.

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