An A Coot Sense of Self by Jenny Robins (Colossive Cartographies 26)


Have you seen coots’ feet? They have cool feet.

I like maps, and collage, and birds, and despite living in a small flat in London I have a box of maps and a whole bunch of field guides to cut up and collage with.

This didn’t turn out at all how I thought it would when I started – like all the best art, I guess.

Jenny Robins is an illustrator, teacher, comic artist and collage enthusiast. Her book Biscuits (Assorted) was published by Myriad Editions to great acclaim in late 2020.

A4, full colour, folded to A6.

Colossive Cartographies is an attempt to create the print equivalent of a series of 7-inch singles. Also available as part of a six-issue set (Series Five).

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