Croydon Spaceport and Manchester Spaceport: riso-print double pack



You may have noticed a lot of hoo-haa in the news recently about Britain’s first space launch. It seems that the mainstream media have conveniently forgotten the heroic municipal space programmes of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

But we haven’t! In fact, we’re commemorating two of them with these lush riso prints, now available together for the first time.

The unfashionable London borough that looked to the stars and dared to dream, Croydon led the way. This print of the iconic NLA Tower (Richard Seifert & Partners) recalls that golden age, and is the perfect accompaniment to Ad Astra Per Croydon: The Lost History of London’s Forgotten Spaceport.

Meanwhile, the Manchester programme didn’t quite hit the same heights, but it also had a very cool headquarters: the ‘Toast Rack and Fried Egg’ building (originally The Hollings Building) in Fallowfield.

£1 from each sale of a Manchester Spaceport print goes to The Christie Charitable Fund, which supports the work of The Christie hospital in Withington, the largest single-site cancer centre in Europe.

Both of these were printed in South London by the exceptionally helpful PageMasters: A4 (297 x 210 mm); metallic gold ink on 175-gsm imperial blue Colorplan paper.

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