The Testing Site


A haunting dossier that combines photography by Jean-Paul Marsaud (perdu dans le vaisseau spatialwith what are claimed to be the notes of a parapsychologist at the heart of a government cover-up.

It draws on the book Ghost Songs: What Happened at Scarness? by the late researcher Giles Horowitz, which purportedly lifted the lid on a disastrous experiment in May 1968 at the Scarness weapons research centre on the east coast of England. Horowitz came into possession of what he maintained was the journal of Professor Elise Weiss, who was co-opted into the research and never heard of again after the incident at the facility.

You can read the introduction (PDF) by Tom Murphy, in which he reveals the origin of Horowitz’s book and the author’s tragic fate, and how his own fascination with the mystery goes back to his childhood in the 1980s – a period when kids’ imaginations were set ablaze by The Unexplained partwork and The Mysterous World of Arthur C Clarke on the TV.

A4, landscape, 24 pages bound with two-part metal fastener