Things My Dad Saw (But Never Bothered Mentioning)


A collection of bizarre and baffling London street photography by the late, great Gordon Gibbens – with an introduction by his daughter Jane.

All profits from sales of this book go to St Christopher’s hospice.


As readers of How Graffiti Saved My Dad’s Life (At Least for a While) will already know, nothing would stop Gordon Gibbens from getting the street art shot he wanted.

However, Gordon didn’t spend all his time chasing graffiti. As a born-and-bred Londoner, he also made full use of his Freedom Pass to check out plenty more that was going on in the city: from million-person protests to press launches, and from naked bike rides to film shoots.

Armed with his camera and his determination to never take no for an answer, Gordon recorded the many faces of London. Here, along with an introduction by his daughter Jane, we collect some of his most brilliant, bizarre and baffling shots. (It’s just a shame he never thought to mention what he’d seen at the time.)

As with How Graffiti Saved My Dad’s Life…, all of the profits from Things My Dad Saw… will be going to St Christopher’s hospice in Sydenham, who helped to care for Gordon towards the end of his life.

And there’s more! We’ve now produced a follow-up volume, entitled More Things My Dad Saw… All the profits again go to St Christopher’s, and you can pick up both Things My Dad Saw and More Things My Dad Saw for just £10.

(52pp, A5 landscape, colour, perfect bound: contains nudity!)

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