Your Actions Are Pointless If No One Notices


The long-awaited follow-up to Skating for Godot!

A graphic exploration of a little known piece of art history. In the mid-1980s, an unlikely chain of events led to New York avant-gardist Jenny Holzer becoming artist-in-residence at Thrigby Athletic, a non-league Norfolk football club. As part of her residency, she persuaded the club’s regular sponsor (Chuffy’s Clutch Clinic) to let her display her one-line ‘Truisms’ on the front of the club’s shirts. This pamphlet is based on official photographs in the Thrigby Athletic archive.

Tracey Pitcher studied conceptual art at Ravensbourne and now works in an iron foundry near Lowestoft.

Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist based in New York (US).

(Handsewn 8pp A6 risographed zine; printed for us by the Footprint Workers’ Co-operative)

Also available as part of our six-for-a-tenner Colossive Zine Pack


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