Seeds and Symptoms by Mere Pseud (Colossive Cartographies 34)


Follow the ghost map to the bustle and eternity of an ordinary Tuesday, all sound and silence, paths and patterns tracing time before, time after. What seeds carry over to grow into vestigial limbs on phantom trees, creaking with the weight of remembered selves? Read their signs and symptoms: clouds reflected in shop windows, sun dappled sills, blurry smiles smeared like wind-blown dandelion clocks. 

Mere Pseud, a sometime collage artist, wordsmith and devotee of local musiks, lives in the Great Black Swamp where time drifts by like fog. Retrospectral dispatches. Ghostly sigils. Invisible maps.

A4, full colour, folded to A6. Also available as part of a six-issue subscription (Series Six).

Colossive Cartographies is an attempt to create a print equivalent of a series of seven-inch singles. Using a simple pop-out format based on the Turkish map fold, we’re collaborating with creators including cartoonists, fine artists, poets, writers and photographers to bring an unpredictable range of visual practice into a hand-folded treat.

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