Cosmo Chancer’s Penge Sculpture Trail & Map


Cosmo Chancer is the chief curator and artist-in-residence on the celebrated Penge Sculpture Trail. Chancer is rightly celebrated for his creative use of the area’s abundance of raw materials.

Now for the first time, Cosmo tells the stories behind such celebrated works as ‘Drink Up, Colin’, ‘Your Mum’ and ‘The Tomb of the Unknown Onion Ring’. Features full-colour photographs, mainly shot by Jane Gibbens Murphy using a crappy old iPhone on the way to Sainsbury’s.

Every copy now comes with a FREE (albeit largely useless) map, featuring six of Chancer’s recent ‘urban interventions’.

(Book: 72pp; A5 portrait, colour, perfect bound. Map: A4, full colour, folded to A6.)


Prolific local artist Cosmo Chancer tells the story behind some of his most celebrated installations on the Penge Sculpture Trail. Includes a foreword by Sir Toby Carvery. NOW WITH FREE MAP!

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